8pron Team

8pron Team

Let's say you are a restaurant. What should we know about you?

Business Information:
The new menu live at noon every Friday
Order cut-off Sundays at 11:30 am for delivery on Fridays.

Pick-up/Delivery information:
Pick up and meeting point location at XXX
We only deliver on these areas XXX

About yourself and the business.

-Tell us more about yourself?
-Why you start your own business? What is your business mission?
-What's your favourite food, and why?
-What's your best recipe, and why?
-What's else do you like to do when not cooking?
-if you can live in any place, city or country right now, where would it be and why?

Profile recommendation:

We recommend using your profile photo to build trust. However, feel free to use your business logo too.
**There is no right way of doing it. Just try your best. We encourage you to use an image, video, emoji, or anything to be creative and personalise it as your own :)

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I would like to thank all 8pron team , David in particular. He was very helpful, supportive and made using the website very easy. Thank you for all your efforts to help small businesses grow.

Aisha's Pastry about listing Exotica 3 months ago.

Hehe.. thanks for being my best customer of all time ^.^

Small Little Things about listing Watermelon Cake 4 months ago.

Pleasure is mine :)

THanks again!

Small Little Things about listing Tiramisu 4 months ago.
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