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About Awesome Kitchen:

Awesome Kitchen was set up in 2011 and prevailed suddenly during the Covid hard time. Its weekly revenue boomed ten times by then. As Awesome Kitchen gradually developed in the last ten years, Amanda, the business owner, has also grown from a chef into a successful self-taught baker. Her pure interest in bakery and light-hearted attitude towards success keeps her perseveringly trying out the perfect recipe.

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About the homemade goods:

We freshly baked our goods and post out the same day with the next day's postal services

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A friend of mine asked me to get him some dried baby scallops as he has been craving them deeply, haha. Of course, I said yes and recommended getting it from Amanda haha

Lucky me, I get to tag some orders along too. Thank you! the coconut tart was amazing! You are so generous as always :)

8pron Team about listing Dried baby scallops 100g 2 years ago.

Amanda, thank you again for making these amazing desserts as ordered. I already had one as soon as it arrived haha and all arrived in perfect condition. Thank you again :)

8pron Team about listing Coconut tarts (3pcs) 2 years ago.

Nothing can go wrong with homecook, especially ones made by a professional. Thanks, Amanda! :)

David - 8PRON about listing LUXURY - Rice Dumpling 2 years ago.