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I love to be part of the food-loving community. My favourite food movie is Julie & Julia. Julia Child always said, "people who love to eat are always the best people". I just love food! Really simple :)

I love to support small food businesses and help them grow in any way. Working with great minds and talented people motivates me, and I am lucky to have met many also who are also genuine, and those are the real gold! It makes me even want to push further to support them. My friend actually called me an advocate and champion for small biz. I am not that noble, I am just doing what I can, and I believe every small step counts.

I have supported and collaborated with around 35 founders, start-ups, and founders in just under one year. Just looking back on last year, this project was just an idea, but now it is growing slowly, and I am just happy that 8pron is heading in the right

More in what I do

I am also an official Food Advisor for Enterprise Nation

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Hawker on Stuart (Australia Restaurants)


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Well I don't need to talk about 8pron or David! David is my all time favourite customer and 8pron is my all time favourite app

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