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About Us

Founded in 2021, 8pron is a food marketplace and networking platform for foodies.

The purpose of 8pron is to connect foodies. The platform is designed to be flexible and tailored for individuals or businesses to have full control in finding what they need and express their love for food. Our focus is to bring the community together while extending the maximum support to local and small businesses. We love to promote food culture, authenticity, talents and most of all, to connect people by sharing life's simplest joy: food.

When cooking for your loved ones, you cook with love and passion. We want to share that spark and passion with others by creating this community. We take immense pride in everyone's generosity and contribution to the community. A share of our sales will be donated to charities.

Whether to cook or eat, write about food or learn about food, Come to explore or create something unique of your own. Any foodie will find something for themselves on 8pron. 

Together we will create a support system that brings value to everyone, with one simple goal: To promote food culture.

About You

1) Who can be part of 8pron?
(A) Cook, Chef, Baker,
(B) Foodie, Eater, Hungry person
(C) Small Food Business, Food Start-up, 
(D) I am just food curious 

The answer is… all and the above... Anyone with an interest in food!! Our platform is for all food lovers (Foodies). 

Whether you like to cook or dine, 
or maybe you want to write about food or enjoy reviewing food, 
or you're just a big Masterchef fan... 
or if you're just curious about exploring new cuisines and food traditions. 

8pron is a place for you! You are in control to create something unique of your own or explore other people’s talents. You are never alone, and you will soon realize that a big community is taking this journey with you!

Our Mission

Connecting foodies, supporting small business growth, and building communities by sharing life’s simplest joy: food. 

Our Promise

8pron is designed to give value to everyone in the community. Our team loves supporting small food businesses by promoting food culture. 

As we grow together, we aim and commit to give a portion of our shared profits to support a great cause like charitable organisations. At the same time, we like to help and encourage aspiring and talented individuals like yourself to further your creativity and passion.

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